Free Reads
free reads1In 2005 I started the Free Reads Podcast which featured me reading my own work.  In that time I have read maybe a dozen stories, several columns and my novels BURN and LOOK INTO THE SUN.  A few of the stories on the Free Reads podcast also appear on James Patrick Kelly's StoryPod over on Audible.com, only in higher fidelity and with introductions and afterwords.  Free Reads has been subject to podfade from time to time, but it is a project I intend to keep at until I can't croak anymore, in which case I will probably have croaked.
storypodsmOn February 2, 2007, Audible.com, the largest seller of audiobooks online, launched James Patrick Kelly's StoryPod, a for-pay podcast that featured me reading my own work.

This audio collection represents almost all of the short fiction I've published as of 2007. Most of what I've left out is the early stuff, which can be hit and miss, I'm not ashamed to say. So why are you wasting time reading this when you could have me murmuring in your ear? Click over to Audible now!


burn_thumbThere was an amazing influx of people trying to download BURN when it won the Nebula Award.  Ordinarily, this would be a good thing, except that it crashed my site.  A disaster to be proud of!   But I've moved the files to a more robust server, so if you're hankering for a listen, here it is.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four