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Here is "Plus or Minus" which graced the cover of the December 2010 Asimov's.   As I type this it's a finalist for the Nebula Award given by the Science Fiction Writers of America, -- and now the Hugo Award, given by the World Science Fiction Society -- in the novelette category. If you don't care to read it online, you can download it here .


Plus or Minus


Everything changed once Beep found out that Mariska’s mother was the famous Natalya Volochkova. Mariska’s life aboard the Shining Legend went immediately from bad to awful. Even before he singled her out, she had decided that there was no way she’d be spending the rest of her teen years crewing on an asteroid bucket. Once Beep started persecuting her, she began counting down the remaining days of the run as if she were a prisoner. She tried explaining that she had no use for Natalya Volochkova, who had never been much of a mother to her, but Beep wouldn’t hear it. He didn’t care that Mariska had only signed on to the Shining Legend to get back at her mother for ruining her life.

Somehow that hadn’t worked out quite the way she had planned.

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