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My New Publishing Venture

StrangewaysnetsmI've launched a new ebook 'zine called James Patrick Kelly's Strangeways, currently available on the Kindle and the Nook .   Each issue will contain reprints two of my best stories and two essays and some bonus material.   Number 1 includes my multiple-award-losing novelette "Plus or Minus" and one of my personal favorite short stories "The Propagation of Light in a Vacuum," the only work of mine to contain a recipe!  Also an essay introducing the 'zine and another discussing our chances of reaching the stars.   And the cover -- the dazzling must-see cover is by John Picacio -- revised from the art that graced the December 2010 Asimov's.  I'm about to send Number 2, with a time travel theme, to my designer, the amazing Pablo Defendini; it will include my 1990 Hugo winner "10^16to 1" and another quirky short "Unique Visitors."

I've had my face pressed against the window of the various ebook stores for some time now; this is how I figure to get on the other side.  If you're a fan of the work, please pass the word!




Strangeways returns

Strangeways2smThe second issue of my experiment in ebook publishing is now up.  James Patrick Kelly's Strangeways Number 2 is an exploration of time travel featuring my 2000 Hugo winning novelette "Ten to the Sixteenth to One" and the tragicomic "Unique Visitors."   Remember the Beverly Hillbillies?  "Unique Visitors" does.  Here also is an essay on time travel and a few other goodies.  The gorgeous cover is by Bob Eggleton and the design is once again by the irreplaceable Pablo Defendini.

 I call this an experiment because I have not yet discovered what I set out to learn with it: is there a market for this kind of inexpensive ebook (of mine)?   And if there is, how do I make the folks who might be interested in it aware that it exists?  If you are a Kelly fan, I would take it kindly if you would mention Strangeways on whatever flavor of social media you favor.  Also, it would be great if people started posting reviews on the Barnes & Noble and Kindle sites where these fine ebooks are for sale.    Even a hate review is better than silence (depending, that is, on the quality and potency of the hate!).