Some reviews of "One Sister, Two Sisters, Three"

There has been a range of commentary on my latest story, which you can read here or listen to here.   Here are a few reactions. 

Locus, December 2016, Rich Horton’s review.

James Patrick Kelly in "One Sister, Two Sisters, Three" tells of a planet colonized by a religious group and two sisters growing up there, resistant to the wider galactic technology (including “replication” of people’s minds as they grow old or sick and uploading them to new bodies).

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Welcome Our Robot Overlords!

Here's another look at a column from my On The Net series as Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine


My friend John Kessel and I have had a longstanding disagreement about the future of artificial intelligence. Even though we have co-edited a couple of anthologies examining post-cyberpunk<> futures and visions of the Singularity<>, John remains skeptical about claims that we may soon be superseded by some kind of digital successor. He’s in general agreement with the celebrated mathematician Sir Roger Penrose<>, who bases his critique of strong AI on its proponents’ assumption that intelligence can emerge from algorithms, if they are of a sufficient number and complexity. 

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