Buy Mother Go has published my new book as an audiobook original.  I am particularly pleased with my narrator, the wonderful January LaVoy, a New York based actress, who has worked in television and the theater and who was named Publishers Weekly's "Audiobook Narrator of the Year" in 2013 . January has captured Mariska's voice perfectly, but she also manages to portray my entire cast of characters.  Some may know that I've narrated many audiobooks myself and so can appreciate the skill with which January has brought to my book to life.   

My contract with Audible specifies that there can be no print version of Mother Go until 2018.  So for now, the only way to catch up with Mariska is to listen to her adventures. 

It’s something of a risk for any writer to attempt the point of view of a teenage girl as she grows to adulthood (she’s 26 at the end of the novel, though looks younger because of her years in hibernation), a risk complicated by her being a clone, and complicated further by a series of exotic settings ranging from the moon, to Mars, to a rustbucket asteroid mining ship … all of which are realized with such offhand narrative confidence that we feel as at home in them as the natives. That’s what classic SF does best, of course, but what sets Mother Go apart is Mariska herself, not always sympathetic but continually compelling, as she tries to find a way to inhabit the worlds she inherits.
— Gary Wolfe, reviewing Mother Go in the August issue of Locus.